Register as a Tipster is developed and designed to be a one-stop access point for all soccer punters and soccer tipsters since the year of 2010. With our new platform improved, soccer tipsters can now register, log in and submit their daily selections through our integrated smart system to be monitored by

Submitted tips will be stored in our system and once the games have ended, our smart system will be able to track the result automatically and it will be automatically updated to the tipsters' verified track records.

With the new smart system, soccer punters can have a peace of mind that records are 100% genuine and verified. Soccer tipsters too can have a peace of mind that clients will continue to inquire about their reliable service.

To become a Verified Tipster, please follow the 5 easy steps below:

  • Complete the registration form with the complete name of your website, email and password.
  • Insert the html widget into your website for tips record tracking.
  • Wait for application approval will review your site for proper code input.
  • Your website will not be listed on as VERIFIED until you have completed the 8 weeks probabation period. You winning rate should be above our minimum requirement to be VERIFIED.
  • Submit your daily tips to our smart system for records data tracking.
    Be a part of and be a verified seller.